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Masculine Skin Care and Anti-Aging for Men

Men, as the stronger and more powerful representative of the human race, must act accordingly on a first date and one of the biggest dilemmas of the modern first date is hugging or kissing after the date. On the one hand, the man wants to send the right signals, but at the same time he must act cautiously. If you got off on the right foot with the lady, a delicate kiss at the end of the evening is a great way to start a wonderful relationship.

Before the Date

Because you are well-aware that a kiss might end the evening, you should to appropriate preparations just in case that happens. Surely, you must pay close attention to the way you dress and act, but you skin face should be an important aspect to consider during date preparations. Maybe stubble looks great on you, but would you put your lips next to sandpaper? So, in order to avoid facing a refusal, it’s a good option to shave your face on the date night and to maximize your chances.

But more than that, your face has to look "inviting". So unless your pedigree includes "Canine Shar-Pei", you don't want to take the chance that she'll find sagging skin and a wrinkly face attractive.

The best option you’ve got in preparing for the date is to use Face Skin Care for Men products. First of all, use a good cleanser on your skin face to remove all the dead cells and to leave your face nice and soft. Avoid any kind of products that are made from sulfates or other industrial ingredients, because the only thing they’ll do is to spread the dead cells and other gunk all over your face, leaving it dry and unappealing.

What you need is a quality masculine face care cleaner that is gentle enough to bring out the masculine skin's natural moisture, but powerful enough to unclog pores and cut through the grime. In short, you need cleaner built for masculine men.

Next off, you will want to give your skin all the natural nutrients you can find, alongside with anti-aging properties. You skin will jubilate on all that natural cocktail. An intensive treatment will fill those fine wrinkles and lines you got going on your face and will reinforce the skin’s natural equilibrium, will repair the elasticity and collagen tissues, providing your skin with natural defense means against the harmful free radicals and natural aging factors. If you didn’t know this by now, shaving destroys your skin’s natural balance, leading to a dry and premature aging skin. But with all the technology and innovation you can find in the new anti-aging face treatments, you now have the chance to keep your skin younger and moisturized.

The third and last step is protecting your face. The right protectant picks up where the treatment leaves off. It helps to strengthen the masculine skin's inner structure, while sealing in moisture. A high performance masculine anti-aging face care protectant balances high tech cutting edge anti-aging active ingredients with essential oils from super fruits with collateral properties. It also helps the masculine skin feel refreshed and nourished. This is especially important when you're exposing your skin to temperature fluctuations - such as outside heat to air conditioning in the summer, or outside cold to inside heat in the winter. These fluctuations cause dryness, itching, flaking and premature aging and the last thing you want is for your masculine face to get dry, itchy and flaky while you and your date are experiencing that first fancy meal together.

Ok - now that you LOOK good and FEEL good about yourself, let's get back to that first date.

Test the Waters

You can spot the interest of your partner during the date from her gestures or body language. Every touch and smile is actually a positive sign and you can be sure that she likes you if she finds all the excuses to touch your hand or laugh at your jokes. You, too, should make sure she gets the same vibe by acting affectionate and showing your interest; if things go the right way, you can receive that kiss after all.

However, the line between being a gentleman and jumping over the bridge is extremely thin, so you don’t want to risk eating your fancy dinner all alone. There are some basic guidelines you can follow. A good method to reveal your interest and to create a tender atmosphere is to give her a firm, but gentle hand squeeze in a moment like, say, waiting for the second course. You can say, while holding her hand, how much fun you’re having and how lovely a person she is.

Another reliable test to tell if she is really interested in you is to put your hand on her back while walking her out of the restaurant and what her reaction- does she rests her back on your hand or does she speed up so you can drop the hand? Another method to test your partner’s interest is to propose a long, leisurely stroll and suggest to take her home. Is she delighted with your idea? Or does she look embarrassed and makes up a lousy excuse how her nephew will be in town tomorrow and she has to take him to the circus first thing in the morning?

If her answer is affirmative, then you are in a safe zone, meaning she already likes you well enough or she is not sure about her feelings, but she’s looking to get a straight answer out of spending more time with you. You can make use of several other methods, but you definitely have to keep a close watch on her body gestures and mimic. As you start walking leisurely, find the right moment to “naturally” place your arm around her waist, in a casual move. The essential here is to make your move as casual and natural as you can, like if a car comes or a biker stumbles near you – try to hide the fact that you planned that move.

Maybe you were alert enough to notice you’re walking right into a ventilation grill and you fashionable partner will ruin her fancy stiletto heels caught in between those iron bars. So if you want to avoid her immense suffering over the loss of an exquisite pair of Manolo Blahniks, you’d better wrap her around the waist and get her past the shoe eating danger and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll have that long-awaited kiss planted right there in the street. Remember however, any move you make towards your partner must seem natural and casual, otherwise you’ll compromise everything.

Ok, speaking about accidents, there’s one more aspect to consider. Never, and I mean never try to touch her butt or other interest areas, because if you do it you’re doomed and not even God Almighty can save you from a punch in the balls or even worse, right in your nicely cleaned and moisturized skin. This is the most reliable, never-failing way of ending a date on the spot and going home alone. Remember: look for as long as you want, but that’s that.

Ok - so now you got your arm around her waist. Does she look comfortable? Does she keep with your pace and take the opportunity to lean in closer, or does she wiggle herself free from your grasp, because she had to have a closer look at the really neat looking frying pan peeking

Ending the Date

Is has been already mentioned in this article, twice even, that body language and gesture are key aspects to determine if she’s interested enough to give you a kiss at the end of the evening.

Stop a little and review all her actions during the date. What was her reaction in the moments you tried to establish physical contact? Was she eager for your touch and attention- did you feel her subtle flinch when you wrapped her with your arms? How about the level of affection she’s shown? If you identify a positive turn, then a kiss might be the perfect way to end the night. Moreover, think about how open was your partner when you asked personal questions. This is relevant because it has to do with trust- and this is a vital condition for you getting that kiss. If you haven’t reached a straight answer, abandon everything!

As you reached the destination, examine her a bit and see if she would like to procrastinate your leaving. At a certain time, you might finish your sentences, but you continue having eye contact- this is the first sign! The best proof you can get of her wanting to be kissed is the look she gives you, going you’re your lips to your eyes and back. Make the first step forward and see how she reacts. We are talking about comfort here and it’s important to identify every fact. If you move takes her by surprise, go out and hug her instead. On the other hand, if she closes her eyes, that’s it! If she makes a turn, then kiss her on the cheek and go home already!

Once you kissed for the first time, chances are you’ll be doing it a lot more often in the future- so make sure you stick to the masculine face care routine accordingly. On the following dates, she is going to look for that same feel and look of your skin, so make sure both the girl and your skin stay happy!


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